Twin Temple: Albums and Discography

Twin Temple Albums and Discography

Twin Temple is a unique and captivating musical duo that has gained a significant following in recent years. Formed in 2016, the band consists of Alexandra and Zachary James, who have created a distinct sound that blends elements of rock, soul, and doo-wop. With their dark and mysterious aesthetic, Twin Temple has carved out a niche in the music industry and has released several albums that have been well-received by both critics and fans.

1. Twin Temple (2018)

Twin Temple’s self-titled debut album, released in 2018, showcases their signature sound and sets the tone for their future releases. The album features a collection of soulful and haunting tracks that transport listeners to a different era. Songs like “Lucifer, My Love” and “I’m Wicked” highlight the band’s ability to blend catchy melodies with occult-inspired lyrics.

With their unique blend of vintage-inspired instrumentation and modern production techniques, Twin Temple creates a sound that is both nostalgic and fresh. The album received positive reviews and helped establish the band as a rising force in the alternative music scene.

2. Twin Temple II (2020)

In 2020, Twin Temple released their highly anticipated second album, aptly titled “Twin Temple II.” This album builds upon the foundation laid by their debut, further exploring themes of love, darkness, and the occult. The band’s growth is evident in the more polished production and the expanded range of musical influences.

“Twin Temple II” features standout tracks such as “Satan’s a Woman” and “The Devil (Didn’t Make Me Do It),” which showcase the duo’s ability to seamlessly blend genres and create a unique sonic experience. The album received critical acclaim and solidified Twin Temple’s place in the alternative music landscape.

3. Live in Satan’s Service (2021)

As the title suggests, “Live in Satan’s Service” is a live album that captures the energy and intensity of a Twin Temple performance. Released in 2021, this album allows fans to experience the band’s electrifying stage presence from the comfort of their own homes.

The album features live renditions of fan favorites such as “Let’s Hang Together” and “The Devil (Didn’t Make Me Do It).” The raw and unfiltered nature of the recordings adds an extra layer of authenticity to the band’s already captivating sound.


Twin Temple’s albums and discography showcase their unique blend of rock, soul, and doo-wop, combined with occult-inspired lyrics. From their self-titled debut to their latest live album, the band has consistently delivered captivating and memorable music.

With each release, Twin Temple has continued to evolve and push the boundaries of their sound, solidifying their place in the alternative music scene. Whether you’re a fan of their haunting melodies or their dark aesthetic, Twin Temple’s albums are a must-listen for anyone looking for something different and intriguing.

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